Core 304/4301 - 2B sheet

Numero articolo: 4307_Core_T0.5_W1250-L2500_2B_with_interleaving_paper

Dettagli articolo

Spessore: 0,5 mm
Larghezza: 1.250 mm
Lunghezza: 2.500 mm
Materiale: 1.4301, 1.4307
Grado ASTM: 304L
Standard e approvazioni: EN 10028-7, EN 10088-2, EN 10088-4
Superficie: 2B
Gamma di prodotti: Core
Carta interposta:
Protezione superficiale: no
Certificato di fabbrica 3.1:
Luogo: HEH

Informazioni aggiuntive

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Outokumpu Core range

  • Stainless steels for corrosive environments (PRE 17 to 22)
  • Austenitics are highly formable and weldable and are suitable for everything from cutlery to storage tanks
  • Contains the all-purpose Core 304/4307 and Core 304L/4307, as well as several alternatives, including low-nickel and nickel-free products
  • Ferritic stainless steels are nickel free, have good formability, and are used in architectural applications and appliances

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